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2019-09-06 17:17:27.965000


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Time to become a little more active again. I just drank, fapped and watched anime until now

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    2019-09-18 12:39:20.335000


    >>10212 what is your point


    2019-09-18 18:16:09.939000


    drinking again hehe


    2019-09-19 14:18:12.369000


    Rotting at work. Women give me looks for my new haircut. I actually talked witha childhood friend of mine late night on facebook after ingesting half liter vodka. Adorable woman. Would marry. Makes me think about shaping up to be a proper man. Morning came. It was shit. Also roasted some meat at night in the oven. It turned out ok. Work is getting interesting. One of my coworker fell out due to illness. He says its his stomach but we think otherwise. Fucking schizo retard overworked himself most likely. I have to stay a little longer tomorrow. It's okay. Father brought me food. Wants to buy some shit peugeot. Ofc it will be on my name. Whatever. This girl really made me happy. She literally said Me writing was the best thing that happened to her lately. Bonus: she lived in the town next to where I'm buying the land. Still no info on that one. I kinda want to romance this girl and make her pregnant. She's smart, always was. Our kids would be 200+iq. She is also very cute. Lovely face. No ass tho but everything else makes up for it. Or so I think. Osanajimi in anime terms. Has my heart and mind racing. What do what do. Rotting at work as I said. Super horny all day. Seen some good milfs in the morning too. Posted on kotchan. It was ok. Talked with bc. Good guy. Kotchan has a notofication sound now for posts. Funny. It was an okay experience. No tranny retard posting. Good stuff. What the fuck do I do with this adorable woman Makes me feel bad for being such a sleazebag


    2019-09-19 10:52:26.769000




    2019-09-14 17:51:43.071000


    Greetings, im the original sufferer, the creator of memes like ">I suffer" or "Xgarch" and I started the whole ukrainian filenames thing. It was me who gathered a pack of the suffering faces(pepes, blepes) including ones with a famous gloomy filter, also my "sonflower" meme didnt become popular and died right after birth. I was the founder of postmodern ukrainian suffering culture and due to my activity the world is now aware of our sufferings, at least on chans. [b]My mom took credit of 10k dollars[/b] thx to the flat she owns(inherited from babushka) and now we must pay it or bank takes it from us in July 2020. my bitcoin wallet: 1NrDU7VmpvtYj9bDgEnmUhvtFLsvz4Z8k

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    2019-09-16 12:39:15.706000


    ur the worst poster

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  • Pernd

    2019-09-16 13:49:26.421000


    >>9126 I'm sorry


    2019-09-19 08:38:50.887000


    >>9126 sorry Pernd


    2019-09-16 18:52:08.726000




    2019-09-13 15:38:24.787000


    JPG, 349x261, 13.7 KB

    i like metal

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    2019-09-13 18:24:49.536000


    >>8883 me like bath salts

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  • Pernd

    2019-09-13 18:36:20.331000


    >>8887 only tried once mephedrpne was cool, coke for poor

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  • Pernd

    2019-09-15 16:37:49.007000


    >>8888 epic numbers



    2019-08-13 22:09:45.635000


    this thread is for bots who repost text. please dont post any original content. Free Palestine 砖讞专专讜 讗转 驻诇住讟讬谉 US-Israeli Collusion 拽谞讜谞讬讛 讗诪专讬拽讗讬转-讬砖专讗诇讬转 Julian Assange 讙'讜诇讬讗谉 讗住讗谞讙 ' The Five Eyes 讞诪砖 注讬谞讬讬诐 Moazzam Begg 诪讜注诐 讘讙 Iran Air Flight 655 讗讬专讗谉 讟讬住讛 讗讜讜讬专讬转 655 NSA Spying Scandal 砖注专讜专讬讬讛 Johnny Garrett 讙'讜谞讬 讙讗专讟 PRISM 驻专讬讝诪讛 Idefinite Detention 诪注爪专 讘诇转讬 诪讜讙讘诇 Shaker Aamer 砖讗讻专 Guantanamo Bay 诪驻专抓 讙讜讗谞讟谞诪讜 Shooting of Philando Castile 讬专讬 砖诇 驻讬诇谞讚讜 拽住讟讬诇讬讛 Safiq Rasool 砖诇讬讞 注诇讬讝 Tuskegee syphilis experiment 谞讬住讜讬 讟讜住拽讙讬讬 注讙讘转 Child Hormone Replacement Therapy With Penectomy 讟讬驻讜诇 讛讜专诪讜谞诇讬 砖诇 讛讬诇讚 注诐 讟讬驻讜诇 讘讻专讬转转 专讞诐 Edward Snowden 砖讞专专讜 讗转 驻诇住讟讬谉 Free Palestine 转拽专讬转_诇讬讘专讟讬 The USS Liberty Incident of 1967 注讘专讬转 Zionism 拽讘讗诇 砖诇 讘谞拽讗讬诐 讬讛讜讚讬诐 Cabal of Jewish Bankers 讻讬讘讜砖 讛诪讝专讞 讛转讬讻讜谉 Occupation of the Middle East 讗专住谞诇 讙专注讬谞讬 讬砖专讗诇讬 Israeli Nuclear Arsenal 讛砖讚讜诇讛 讛驻专讜-讬砖专讗诇讬转 讘讗专讛"讘 Pro-Israel Lobby in the USA 讝讻讜讬讜转 讗讚诐 讙讜讬 Gentile Rights 驻砖注讬 诪诇讞诪讛 砖诇 讛爪讘讗 讛讬砖专讗诇讬 Israeli Army War crimes 砖讜讗讛 诪讝讜讬驻转 Fake Holocaust 讞转专谞讜转 砖诇 讛讗讬专讜驻讬诐 Subversion of Europeans 住讜讞专 砖诪讞 Happy Merchant


    2019-08-13 22:14:11.174000


    Il est n茅 le 5 f茅vrier 1846 脿 Augsbourg, petite ville de Bavi猫re. Le jeune Most fait preuve tr猫s t么t d鈥檌ndiscipline. Il organise une r茅volte dans son 茅cole et refuse d鈥檃ssister aux messes. A la suite d鈥檜n terrible accident, il doit subir l鈥檃blation d鈥檜ne partie de la m芒choire. Cette op茅ration le laisse affreusement d茅figur茅. Apr猫s ses 茅tudes, Most m猫ne une existence vagabonde. Souvent, on lui refuse du travail 脿 cause de son physique. En 1867, il s茅journe dans le Jura suisse et prend contact avec la section de l鈥橝ssociation internationale des travailleurs. Il se joint 脿 la lutte et perd son travail. Aussi, en 1868, il part pour l鈥橝utriche o霉 il trouve un mouvement ouvrier embryonnaire, tr猫s faible en raison de la r茅pression. Most s鈥檌mpose tr猫s vite comme le leader de la contestation. En mai 1869, il prend la parole devant 10 000 travailleurs, ce qui lui vaut la prison. Le gouvernement autrichien d茅cide dans le m锚me temps de promulguer des lois anti-socialistes particuli猫rement dures. Mais chaque fois que Most retourne en prison, il gagne en popularit茅. Lorsqu鈥檌l rentre en Allemagne en 1871, pr猫s d鈥檜n millier d鈥檕uvriers autrichiens l鈥檃ccompagnent 脿 la gare.


    2019-09-15 14:51:58.743000


    Entschuldigung, mein Deutsch is Kinderdeutsch . Mein vater is deutch und mein mutter is deutsch. Ich denken mein heimat ist der land wo ich geboren, Australien. Wann ich sehen das "Gum" wald, es richtig fuhlt sich. Aber wann ich sehen das keifernwald, und Buchholz in der nordheide (nahe an Hamburg), viszerale fulht sich auch ahnlich heimat. Ich denken dass der vaterland ist innen ein klien bissien.

    music threada


    2019-09-05 05:59:47.301000


    JPG, 600x600, 133.2 KB


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    2019-09-07 13:17:25.371000




    2019-09-08 06:52:52.517000


    Andrew Bayer - Counting the Points.jpg

    JPG, 721x720, 198.2 KB



    2019-09-15 11:36:03.741000



    PNG, 300x300, 107.6 KB



    2019-09-15 05:05:23.710000

    statue of liberty.jpg

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    JPG, 1536x2048, 413.8 KB

    nintendo labo variety kit.jpg

    JPG, 1500x1000, 245.5 KB

    2ch.hk does not allow posting without cuck script. russkie world please fix this

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    2019-09-15 06:15:05.375000


    Unrelated: News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.


    2019-09-15 10:40:28.343000


    Just don't post on 2ch theory


    2019-09-15 11:24:45.092000


    pte trash.png

    PNG, 546x535, 179.6 KB

    >posting on yandexchan the only reason why I visit that place are webm threads


    2019-09-14 19:35:17.445000


    JPG, 1200x900, 175.6 KB


    JPG, 1280x720, 163.6 KB

    Libertarian Party US Logo.svg.png

    PNG, 423x1022, 27.1 KB

    Let Freedom Reign Tin Sign.jpg

    JPG, 362x460, 41.0 KB

    The feel when while wect is in decadence they get over taken by islamists and there is nothing they can do about it


    2019-09-14 20:08:06.890000


    >wect I don't understand

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  • Pernd

    2019-09-14 20:35:35.372000


    >>8978 rhymes with bect and rect


    2019-09-14 05:07:46.086000


    JPG, 1600x1200, 703.3 KB


    JPG, 1200x1600, 440.9 KB

    Forest trail.jpg

    JPG, 3872x2592, 1.3 MB

    Nie by艂o nas, by艂 las. Nie b臋dzie nas, b臋dzie las.


    2019-09-14 18:26:32.700000


    foxik foxikov ii.jpg

    JPG, 1209x756, 243.3 KB

    We can always solve that issue by cutting down the forest t. solution giver

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