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The truth about BC


2019-09-07 20:52:36.261000




You ever heard the saying "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"? Why wouldn't I want to keep tabs on someone that has held me against my will, assaulted me, raped me, and nearly killed me? Someone who's cheated on me, financially abused me, and destroyed my personal belongings? Don't you obsess about the things you truly fear? The things that could really destroy you? Maybe that's just me and my anxious personality. This is someone who has left me in their bed to go fuck someone else, someone who has forced me to suck their dick even after I've yelled no, cried, and bit their dick multiple times, someone who's pulled fistfuls of hair out of my head on several occasions. Someone who got my laptop stolen because they invited a streetwalker in to smoke speed. Someone who sold my childhood GameBoy Color for drug money. Someone who has rubbed my own vomit in my face. Someone who's thrown my cell phone under a running faucet when I called the police because I was being attacked. Someone who has bit me, choked me, spanked me, and spit on me in a very aggressive, extreme, non-sexual way. He's a sociopath. There's no remorse for the things he's done. There's no concept of shame or doing wrong. He's a soulless vessel operating off of negative energy, chemicals, and lies. There's more wrong than there's right. There's more myth than truth. That's what he feeds on; the abundant source of darkness.


2019-09-08 01:20:40.894000




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  • Pernd

    2019-09-08 03:39:02.017000



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    >>8640 how is the test results, pls let us know maybe just this time, huh?


    2019-09-08 05:26:23.304000



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    2019-09-08 16:26:28.380000



    Lol nerd


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